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    Better Scores
    Start with Axiom SAT Prep!

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      Axiom LearningTM SAT Tutoring Gets Results

      Axiom Learning has spent over a decade developing our proprietary tutoring system for SAT prep. Every SAT student has a customized learning plan to help maximize their score. As a result, our students have watched their SAT scores rise 3x more than the industry average and often see increases of over 100 points per section!

      At Axiom, we see each student as an individual with great potential, so we customize our SAT prep and tutoring program to suit your needs.

      • We identify content and strategies where you have the most room for a improvement and teach you what you need to know.
      • We identify your unique learning style, enabling you retain information in a way that makes sense to you.
      • We know that you are busy which is why our SAT tutors have flexible schedules to work around yours.

      We understand how much is riding on your SAT scores. Why not let our team of Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and Berkeley graduates design a customized plan to help you succeed on the SAT? Our instructors have already navigated the college admissions process, and they know how to help you get in. Call Axiom SAT Prep and Tutoring today: (800) 988-5010

      Experience The Benefit of 1-on-1 SAT Prep

      Do you need one-on-one instruction? When you choose Axiom, you are choosing America’s premier tutoring service. Axiom hires only the best instructors who are all thoroughly trained in our proprietary SAT prep system. At Axiom, you won’t get lost in the crowd. We know how to personalize and streamline the learning process as you prepare for the SAT:

      • If you this is your first time to take the SAT, you need a well-rounded tutoring program that builds stamina and deepens core knowledge and strategies.
      • If you have taken the SAT before, then you will appreciate our one-on-one coaching. We focus on skills that you need to develop, rather than rehashing what you already know.

      Either way, you can be assured that we see you, and we care about your success. Our faculty members will streamline the learning process so that you face the SAT with confidence. As a result, you emerge as a more resilient student, ready to tackle to SAT. Contact us today to get started with a free diagnostic assessment.

      Ingredients For Success

      Prepare With Elite Faculty

      Axiom’s instructors come from top universities around the country. They know how to motivate students and are passionate about teaching. If you want personalized help in a safe and caring environment, call Axiom Learning. Ask about our SAT Prep and Tutoring.

      Customized SAT Tutoring

      Axiom’s SAT prep and tutoring uses proprietary diagnostic tools to design a customized learning plan for every student. That means that we can pinpoint specific areas where a student tends to struggle — and where they excel. Call Axiom to help you succeed on the SAT.

      Experience 1-on-1 SAT Prep

      Axiom Learning knows the benefit of personal instruction and our faculty are trained to make real-time adjustments to meet each student’s academic needs. Axiom’s skilled tutors, center managers, and a global education team help students succeed. Call Axiom and see your SAT scores soar.

      We Get The Best Results

      Axiom Learning Boosts Scores on Every Section

      We can show you how to build your confidence and get ready to take the SAT. To score well on the SAT, you need proven strategies to learn content and build stamina in reading, writing, and math. Axiom’s specially trained faculty are able to focus on the precise areas where you need to improve and help you learn to:

      • Build your vocabulary and boost your memory.
      • Decode historical and literary documents in order to answer text-specific questions.
      • Read a passage accurately and analyze its argument.
      • Write more clearly and persuasively.
      • Discover time-saving tips and techniques.
      • Understand the application of math principles.
      • Decipher tricky word problems.
      • Learn how to tackle problems on the no calculator section.

      Call Axiom today and schedule a comprehensive diagnostic exam. It’s free, and you are under no obligation. Axiom’s team will use the data from your exam to develop an effective, personalized strategy to help you succeed on the SAT. Why wait? Call Axiom today: (800) 988-5010.

      Our Students have been accepted to many of the top schools in the world, including:

      Super Tight Schedule? We’re Open 7 Days a Week!

      Today’s student is busier than ever. To make the most of your time, Axiom Learning is available 7 days a week – whether at one of our centers or at your home we are customized to your schedule. Whether you need support every day or just once a week, Axiom’s team is here and ready to help.

      Live too far away? Schedule too busy? Ask us about virtual prep!

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