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      Axiom LearningTM Can Help Struggling Readers

      When we read, we see letters on a page and “speak” them into our brain (that’s why you often move your lips when you are reading). We use auditory channels to decode words and sounds. Normally, all of that information matches up, but sometimes it doesn’t, and the “phonological loop” breaks. Oftentimes reading challenges stem from gaps between what the student sees, what the auditory channels “say“, and what the brain recognizes.

      Our proprietary programs address reading skills at every level of processing through targeted exercises which help the brain, eyes and auditory processing channels coordinate information accurately and efficiently.

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      Ingredients For Success

      Study With Elite Faculty

      Fewer than 1 in 200 applicants to Axiom Learning are hired and all of our instructors hail from top universities. Our faculty know how to connect with students and are completely dedicated to ensuring their students succeed. Why wait? Start today!

      Customized Learning Plans

      Each Axiom student receives a customized learning plan to help them succeed in school. Our thorough diagnostic tools provide Axiom faculty with valuable data to help us create a personalized instructional strategy for each subject. Ask about Axiom’s customized Academic instruction.

      Experience 1-on-1 Instruction

      Axiom’s faculty members work directly with each student, making real-time adjustments to meet the student’s academic needs. Axiom’s skilled tutors, center managers, and a global education team help students soar. Learn how Axiom can help YOU improve your grades.

      We Get The Best Results

      Our students improve from C’s and D’s to A’s, test scores rise by more than 3 times the industry average, and students with learning differences make 4.9 years of progress within the first 50 hours of LEAP 3.0.

      4 Reasons Students Struggle With Reading

      Attention and working memory interact with our Executive Functioning skills to shape the way we read. By supporting these skills, students can strengthen their overall reading ability. Word retrieval relies heavily on a strong memory and difficulty accessing the meaning of a familiar word can make it hard to read fluently. Challenges with attending to text or remembering details can dramatically impact a child’s reading comprehension.

      Our proprietary programs help students improve:

      • Reading fluency – increasing accuracy and speed
      • Reading comprehension
      • Enhanced attention and focus – particularly in reading and writing
      • Working memory

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