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      Axiom LearningTM A Level Tutoring Helps Students Attend The University of Their Dreams

      A Level exams can open the doors of higher education around the world and Axiom Learning in Mont Kiara provides the best instruction in Kuala Lumpur. Axiom Learning’s proprietary A Level prep process was developed by our US-based education team, led by Harvard graduates, and allows our A Level students to see increases of at least 2 letter grades (from a C to an A). Our faculty come from top US and UK universities and have helped our students gain admission to Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Penn, Columbia, and other top-tier universities around the world. Axiom Learning offers support in any of the following A Level subjects:

      Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computer Science, English, English Lit, History, Accounting, Business, Economics, and more!

      Get started with a free diagnostic exam that identifies the exact types of questions where your child has the most room for improvement. Contact us today and learn how Axiom can help your child succeed on their A Level exams.

      Ingredients For Success

      Study With Elite Faculty

      Fewer than 1 in 200 applicants to Axiom Learning are hired and all of our instructors hail from top universities. Our faculty know how to connect with students and are completely dedicated to ensuring their students succeed. Why wait? Start today!

      Customised Learning Plans

      Each Axiom student receives a customised learning plan to help them succeed on the A Level exams. Our thorough diagnostic tools provide Axiom faculty with valuable data to help us create a personalised instructional strategy for each subject. Ask about Axiom’s customised A Level Prep.

      Experience 1-on-1 Instruction

      Axiom’s faculty members work directly with each student, making real-time adjustments to meet the student’s academic needs. Axiom’s skilled tutors, center managers, and a global education team help students soar. Learn how Axiom can help your child improve their A Level grades.

      Why Are A Level Exams Important?

      A Level exams are accepted by universities around the world including top universities like Harvard, Princeton, Oxford, and Cambridge. Top scores on the A Levels can even fulfill the language requirements for English-speaking universities. If you don’t reach your desired score the first time, remember that subject exams can be retaken.

      Axiom Learning’s A Level support is focused on helping our students become test ready while also understanding the material. We identify the units within the syllabus where your child needs the most support and then teach them the most beneficial test taking techniques. Call us today at +6019.309.2077 to learn how to earn top scores on the A Level exams!

      Our Students have been accepted to many of the top schools in the world, including:

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