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Office Contact Info

Phone: +603 6211 4674
Mobile: +6019 309 2077
Director: Ilham Anwar & Mariam Bashar

Office Address

Suite C-3A-12, Level 3A, Block C
Plaza Mont Kiara
No. 2 Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Office Map

Welcome to Axiom Learning's Kuala Lumpur Center

Welcome to Axiom Learning’s Kuala Lumpur Location in Malaysia, where we are excited to have the opportunity to work with your family! Axiom LearningTM in Kuala Lumpur is the first and ONLY centre outside the United States, and is uniquely positioned to work with students from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. Our Kuala Lumpur location is conveniently situated in the Mont Kiara area, close to many renowned international schools, wonderful shopping and living opportunities, and with easy access to downtown Kuala Lumpur. Our team in the Mont Kiara centre is dedicated to providing your kids with an environment that is BOTH engaging AND productive by working closely with families to ensure that we are always working toward each student’s individual goals. Here you will find our diverse team of qualified instructors working with students doing everything from developing stronger underpinnings in maths foundations to learning how to read to prepping for crucial standardised tests like IGCSEs and the SAT. The main services we offer to our families include:

Academic Support

Support and Enrichment in Math, English, Science and More

Looking to raise your grades and have an easier time understanding what’s going on in class? Do you need help boosting your participation and test scores to improve your class rank? Axiom’s dedicated faculty can offer you customised support in Math, English, Science, Study Skills & Organisation and more to help you succeed in school. Please call us today to learn more about how we can begin supporting your academic success!

Support for Unique Learners

Transformative Programs for Students with Learning Challenges

Kids who face challenges in school are often VERY bright but have unique learning styles. Axiom Learning stands alone in providing the combination of proven proprietary programmes for unique learners that are TRANSFORMATIVE in helping our kids do better in school, improve their self-confidence AND gain crucial skills to be successful once they graduate. Whether it be overcoming learning deficits, gaining organisational skills or helping with more targeted challenges posed by things like ADHD, Executive Functioning deficits or Dyslexia, our customised programmes and education support will take your son or daughter from struggling to surviving to thriving. We look forward to communicating with you about our customised programmes designed to help your child realise their full potential.

Standardized Test Prep

Proven Test Prep Support for SAT, ACT, SSAT, and ISEE

Our customized, 1-on-1 test prep helps your child achieve their goals! Whether you are looking to gain entry into a top boarding school, pass your IGCSEs with flying colors, or be a competitive applicant at a top-10 university, Axiom Learning will help you get there. Several of our students have earned near-perfect SAT and SAT II scores, with our average score increase being 300 points on the SAT and over 2 letter grades on the IGCSE (from C to A*). We have helped our students get accepted to top universities around the world - including Harvard, Yale, U Penn, Oxbridge, and London School of Economics. Contact us today to schedule your diagnostic assessment, so we can craft a learning plan that will help your son or daughter raise their scores most efficiently.

Learn About Our Process

When you become an Axiom Learning family, you are getting more than the skill of a single instructor - you are getting the support of our international TEAM of committed faculty who are experts in understanding the unique learning styles of your child and creating targeted, effective lessons based on their needs. Using our renowned diagnostic tools, our support is tailored for each student to reach their objectives as efficiently as possible. Our process is as follows:

Comprehensive Assessments

Our customised diagnostics evaluate where your child is RIGHT NOW in academics and beyond. Whether your child is preparing for the IGCSE, needs support in Mathematics, Science, and English, or you would like a customised programme that best supports your Special Learner, our diagnostic results will enable us to design a learning plan that is most effective for your child.

Customized Learning Plans

Our proprietary assessments and diagnostic tools give us the insight we need to design and implement a customised learning plan for your child which resourcefully develops their strengths, addresses their specific challenges, and focuses on areas from which they would most benefit. And we do this while fully supporting their emotional health! To ensure that we are reaching our targeted goal for your child, we regularly revisit these plans (at least every 8 weeks).

1-on-1 Instruction with World Class Faculty

While your child will have a team of committed instructors and dedicated support, they will receive exclusive and undivided 1-on-1 instruction during each session. Our instructors are specially trained to be attuned to your child’s academic and social lives and address their emotional needs while working from their learning plan. Axiom team members are never alone in helping your child achieve success – our entire faculty meets on a weekly basis to discuss each student’s learning plan as well as bi-monthly with our global education support team to guarantee we are using the most effective tools to meet your child’s needs.

Regular Reporting

Parents play a critical role in achieving success for all of our students. To that end, parents always know WHAT we are doing with their child and WHY we are doing it. We make progress reporting a priority to ensure that you are constantly informed of your child’s successes, development, and challenges. We regularly make calls to parents to keep you up-to-date about what we are doing and we send extensive progress reports every three months which provide great detail and recommendations for your child. We meet with parents a minimum of once a year, but are happy to meet in person anytime to discuss the progress we are seeing and areas of continued focus moving forward.

Meet Our Faculty

Ilham Anwar

Ilham Anwar

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Mariam Bashar

Mariam Bashar

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Abel Arwaga

Abel Arwaga

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Daniel Zain

Daniel Zain

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