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One Idea Can Change the World.
What's Yours?
Axiom Learning’s mission is to be a catalyst for the positive transformation of education delivery GLOBALLY. Do we develop cutting-edge curricula to prepare students for the 21st century? Yes! Do we have technology and brick & mortar operations? Yup Are we working with less fortunate students, such as refugees and poor school districts? Absolutely Are we able to take educational concepts from idea to reality to success quicker and more efficiently than other organizations? We've done it several times in the last 5 years and will likely do it several more times. Do we have smart, hard-working and fun people to work with? That's our secret to success!
Axiom Learning’s team is full of smart, fun and idealistic people who are committed to driving innovation and evidence-based reform through one of our four main divisions. If you are:
  • Committed to driving change in Education;
  • Looking for a group of like-minded idealists in a super-charged start-up environment;
  • Seeking to develop innovative curricula;
  • Hoping to work with a wide variety of students;
  • Looking for rapid growth and promotion opportunities;
  • Excited by opportunities for international exposure;
  • Willing to work hard to advance the cause of better Education for all;
then Axiom Learning is the place for you!

What We Do

Starting with one learning center and a small group of committed professionals, Axiom Learning has grown into a global education company with four divisions:

Axiom West: Project-Based STEAM-Focused Micro-Schools

What if you could design a school to create the next generation of impactful technology entrepreneurs? You would get Axiom West, our project-based, STEAM-focused micro-school initiative! Scheduled for launch in Seattle area in the Fall of 2017, Axiom West has the following attributes:

1. 90% STEAM-focused, Project-Based Learning (no lectures!); 2. Hyper-personalized small group academic instruction and no more than 150 students in each school; 3. Entrepreneurship and Life Skills curricula; 4. Longer school days with NO homework; and 5. Executive Functioning embedded throughout the curricula.

ARE WE HIRING? Yes! We are urgently hiring experienced administrators as well as curriculum specialists - particularly those with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics backgrounds - comfortable with designing project- and problem-based curricula.

Learning Centers/Laboratories: Customized 1-on-1 Support

Our Learning centers/laboratories offer customized instruction in 1-on-1 and small group formats. The faculty at our learning centers are trained to do everything from academic support and enrichment to test prep to working with kids with learning challenges. All of our faculty take a collaborative team approach to their work and are supported by a trained management team and our Global Education team to make sure that none of our students fall through the cracks. Equally important, our learning center faculty work on the very projects that eventually become our major business lines.

ARE WE HIRING? You bet! We are hiring faculty in ALL of our centers in Massachusetts, New York, California and Malaysia. Faculty at our learning centers are also given first priority for openings that arise throughout the rest of our Axiom network of companies.

LEAP 3.0: A Curriculum to Help School Districts for Kids with Learning Challenges

Axiom's proprietary LEAP 3.0 program has been developed and tested over tens of thousands of student sessions in our Learning Laboratories. LEAP addresses a broad range of learning challenges (ADHD, Dyslexia, Cognitive Processing Delays, Executive Functioning Deficits and High Anxiety) more effectively (and less expensively) than any other program available by focusing on the underlying causes of learning challenges rather than just their symptoms. LEAP has already been piloted in schools in both the US and Asia and we are now rolling out programs for students in poor school districts and refugee settings.

ARE WE HIRING? Definitely! We are looking for experienced salespeople to work with school districts and trainers/education specialists to support school districts as they use LEAP with their students.

Project Graphite: Digital Selection for Key Attributes

Axiom has been working for several years on identifying and MEASURING attributes which have been shown to be strongly correlated with traditional markers of success (health, happiness, wealth) as well as broader social impact. Project Graphite is a suite of DIGITAL tools developed by our learning center faculty for the identification and selection at both the adult and high school levels for traits linked to long-term impact and success. Traits measured include: Resilience, Integrity, Courage, Altruism, a Hunger to Learn, Confidence, Optimism, Diligence, Analytical Reasoning, Competitiveness, Openness to New Experiences and Emotional Intelligence.

Broader adoption of our tools will allow universities and employers to identify non-traditional and traditionally overlooked candidates from challenged socioeconomic backgrounds who possess the ingredients to be successful but may not possess the credentials one normally looks for in university admissions or when hiring.

ARE WE HIRING? You bet! Our R&D and Sales teams are both actively hiring!

Our Team

Dean Antonio

Dean Antonio

Faculty Member Tufts New York City Read more
Abel Arwaga

Abel Arwaga

Faculty Member Harvard Kuala Lumpur Read more
Adela Čajić

Adela Čajić

Faculty Member Stanford Silicon Valley Read more
DanThuy Chu

DanThuy Chu

Vice President Harvard Boston Read more
Jessica French

Jessica French

Center Manager New York University Kuala Lumpur Read more
Ben Kahn

Ben Kahn

Faculty Member Dartmouth New York City Read more

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