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      Axiom LearningTM Math Tutoring Can Help Boost Your Grades

      Whether getting ready for an important exam, applying math to science, understanding design, or even just managing our finances, math is everywhere. More importantly, math CAN be learned by everyone when given the right support. Axiom Learning’s proprietary teaching methods identify each student’s preferred learning style and help them excel in math class while also giving them the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they will need to successfully apply math to their everyday lives. Axiom Learning’s uniquely trained tutors bring math to life in the following subjects:

      • Algebra
      • Calculus
      • Geometry
      • Pre-Algebra
      • Statistics & Probability
      • Trigonometry
      • Arithmetic
      • Elementary School Math
      • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

      Ingredients For Success

      Study With Elite Faculty

      Fewer than 1 in 200 applicants to Axiom Learning are hired and all of our instructors hail from top universities. Our faculty know how to connect with students and are completely dedicated to ensuring their students succeed. Why wait? Start today!

      Customized Learning Plans

      Each Axiom student receives a customized learning plan to help them succeed in school. Our thorough diagnostic tools provide Axiom faculty with valuable data to help us create a personalized instructional strategy for each subject. Ask about Axiom’s customized Academic instruction.

      Experience 1-on-1 Instruction

      Axiom’s faculty members work directly with each student, making real-time adjustments to meet the student’s academic needs. Axiom’s skilled tutors, center managers, and a global education team help students soar. Learn how Axiom can help YOU improve your grades.

      We Get The Best Results

      Our students improve from C’s and D’s to A’s, test scores rise by more than 3 times the industry average, and students with learning differences make 4.9 years of progress within the first 50 hours of LEAP 3.0.

      3 Reasons Students Struggle With Math

      Visualization of Numbers, Time and Space

      Some students have a harder time visualizing numbers. This makes it hard for them to make a connection between numbers and symbols as well as to determine how long 5 minutes feels or what 3 feet looks like. In addition to struggling in math, students with difficulty visualizing numbers often experience challenges with time management, sports that require estimating speed or distance, and reading directions.

      Our proprietary programs help students develop:

      • Enhanced visualization skills, which allow for greater number sense and planning.
      • Increased logic and reasoning abilities, which are vital for application of math concepts particularly in novel contexts.
      • Improved proprioception, or sense of one’s body in space. Stronger proprioception leads to greater spatial awareness, number sense, and spatial reasoning in math.
      Working Memory and Math Facts

      Beyond fundamentally understanding math concepts, efficient problem-solving requires fluency in operations and basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Your working memory allows you to hold information in your head long enough to perform an operation, apply a concept, or complete a step in a problem.

      Our proprietary programs help students develop:

      • A stronger working memory, which helps them to hold and manipulate great amounts of information in their minds, leading to more efficient problem-solving and reasoning.
      • Enhanced cognitive processing speed, allowing them to perform basic operations more quickly and fluently.
      Executive Functioning

      Even a student with strong comprehension and mental math abilities can struggle with breaking down the steps in a problem, showing work in an organized way, or double-checking answers. Thus, Executive Functioning often dictates whether a student can truly demonstrate his or her knowledge in math.

      Our proprietary programs help students develop:

      • Improved physical and cognitive organization. The ability to show steps in an organized way is crucial for arriving at correct answers in math.
      • Stronger impulse inhibition and self-reflection, which allow for greater overall accuracy.
      • Enhanced task analysis, or the ability to break down a task into multiple smaller steps that are easier to complete.

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