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Watch This Video To Learn How Axiom's ACT Prep Raises Your Scores

Standardized test are too important to not get your test prep right the first time. Standardized tests don't just assess your knowledge of the material, they also test your test-taking ability. Axiom Learning's proprietary process maximizes YOUR individual score by using our diagnostics to identify the areas of study which will raise your scores. Our faculty then design learning plans for each student based on their objectives and learning styles. Whether it be filling any remaining gaps in subject matter or coaching in test-taking strategies (which can often add 20% or more to your score), Axiom LearningTM's process results in the highest score increases in the industry. We have helped many of our students apply to the world's top universities, including Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, MIT and many others, and we would be honored to help you too!

Our ACT Services

Proven Process That Gets Results

Axiom's proprietary standardized test preparation process starts with one of the most extensive assessments in the industry. Our assessments identify the topics and questions which will most efficiently raise your score by focusing on the areas and questions you are NOT getting points in; rather than going over every topic, we help you maximize your score increase in the most efficient amount of time. Our proprietary system is based on years of research which allows us to identify both what your child knows and how they learn in order to teach in a way that makes sense to them. Strategy and speed matter so our customized plans focus on the exact content, tips, and techniques you will need to maximize your score. This has allowed us to help our students earn industry-leading results averaging over 6 points on the ACT. Click here to learn more about Our Process.

Experienced Faculty

Our faculty knows the importance of standardized tests because we have done them ourselves. The best test prep starts with having the most effective faculty and Axiom faculty have attended Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and Columbia along with many more of the world's greatest universities. Attending a top university alone is not enough to ensure effective teaching abilities, that's why, at Axiom, we screen for engaging personalities, subject-matter expertise, teaching ability, and, most of all, dedication to student success. Time and again, students who have gone elsewhere for support have come to Axiom and found that our customized instructional approach allows them to thrive at a much higher level. Click here to learn more about Our Team.

College Application Support

Standardized test scores are just one piece to a much bigger and increasingly complex college admissions process. After working hard to earn your best test score, Axiom can help you package your accomplishments into a polished and persuasive application. You have put in years of work, getting the grades, taking the tests and doing every activity you thought you needed to do. Axiom's application support program helps you decide on the best schools for you, develop the story you present to the admissions committees, craft compelling essays, prioritize your activities and awards, prepare for your interview and, perhaps most important, provide you with a system to keep everything organized!

Our students have been accepted to many of the top schools in the world, including:

  • Harvard
  • Stanford
  • Yale
  • Princeton
  • Columbia
  • MIT
  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • London School of Economics
  • Williams
  • UC Berkeley
  • Michigan
  • UCLA

and many others have gone on to the schools of their choices (often getting scholarships along the way). Reserve your time with our university application support specialists today to make sure you get every opportunity you have already earned with your hard work! Click here for more information about our College Admissions Support packages.

Super Tight Schedule? We're Open 7 Days a Week!

Today's student is busier than ever. To make the most of your time, Axiom LearningTM is available 7 days a week - whether at one of our centers or at your home we are customized to your schedule. Whether you need support every day or just once a week, Axiom's team is here and ready to help.

Live too far away? Schedule too busy? Ask us about virtual prep!

The Axiom ACT Prep Success Pathway

Comprehensive Assessments

The reason our industry-leading assessments are so effective is that we drill down to the exact types of questions where your child is having the most trouble. Being able to distinguish the level of your child's understanding of polynomials versus parabolas, main idea versus detail, or the process of elimination versus strategic skipping, allows us have the most customized and effective sessions possible. Sign up for a FREE assessment today and receive a free Score and Diagnostic Report.

Customized Learning Plans

Our diagnostic tools for standardized tests provide our faculty and education team the data we need to design customized learning plans. These plans allow us to efficiently target the areas which will most efficiently raise your score by focusing on the topics they are not getting points in (while also saving time by not wasting valuable time on areas which won't help your child). We revisit these plans regularly to make sure each student's support is always targeting their specific needs in real time.

1-on-1 Instruction

Supported by our education team, our dedicated faculty members work with each student to develop the academic knowledge and test-taking skills they need to achieve their objectives. Your faculty member is never alone in helping your child succeed: All of our faculty members meet on a weekly basis to discuss EVERY student's learning plan and check in with our global education support team at least twice every month to ensure they are using the most effective tools available.

Regular Reporting

You should always know what we are doing with your child and why we are doing it. We have the most robust reporting processes in the industry to ensure you are properly informed. We regularly call all of our parents and provide extensive progress reports which provide context and detailed recommendations for each of our students. We also recognized the importance of parent involvement and are always happy to meet with you at any time.

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