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LEAPTM is the ONLY program that systematically incorporates groundbreaking research on the importance of increasing learning and organizational capacity and efficiency with targeted and measurable practice for applying cognitive skills across a number of academic and social contexts. Axiom LearningTM has identified and operationalized principles for successfully working with a broad range of students who struggle in the traditional educational models prevalent today (both public and private). In particular, a significant percentage of struggling students find success when we proactively strengthen underlying, foundational cognitive and learning skills, prior to supporting their conceptual grasp in traditional academic subjects.

LEAP is able to help students with a broad array of learning profiles including students with: ADHD, Dyslexia, Working Memory Challenges, Executive Functioning Challenges, Anxiety Challenges, Social Challenges, and Trouble Staying Organized.

Who LEAP Helps

How Is LEAP Effective For So Many Learning Challenges?

The key insight powering LEAP is that specific physical and mental skills involved with how each person’s body takes in, processes, and ultimately uses information are strong predictors of how effective a student can be in school and beyond. Furthermore, we’ve found that learning challenges and disorders as varied as ADHD, Dyslexia, and social anxiety consistently co-occurred with deficits in these foundational skills and processes. We realized that by assessing these underlying skills and customizing a program that leverage a student’s strengths, while shoring up their deficits, was effective at improving outcomes for students with a wide variety of learning challenges.

That’s why students who participated in LEAP 3.0TM for a minimum of 40 hours (out of a 250 hour program), improved by an average of over 3.5 years in core academic skills!

Meet Tiffany Who Overcame Auditory And Organization Challenges

Tiffany came to us as a 4th grader as a remarkable athlete struggling mightily in school. Tiffany struggled with accurately hearing lectures, organizing information and doing even the most basic homework.

Tiffany has stayed with Axiom Learning for 5 years working on her ability to take in auditory information, enhancing her brain’s speed and ability to process that information, and receiving regular support in figuring out how to prioritize, manage, analyze and express that information in the academic context. Tiffany’s mother regularly points out that sending Tiffany to Axiom Learning year after year is the equivalent of sending her to a top private school but that Axiom Learning is worth much more.

Today, Tiffany is thriving – moving from failing grades to now getting almost all A’s in Honors coursework at the high school level and being recruited as an athlete to some of the colleges in the country. Tiffany and her parents happily acknowledge that her opportunities would not have been available to her without Axiom Learning.

Meet Adrian Who Went From Reading 2 WPM To A Top Private School

Adrian came to us as a 7th grader who was struggling mightily in school. When he came to us he was reading at a rate of 2 words per minute (not per second, per MINUTE!), bringing the paper right up to his eye and stringing one letter together at a time. Adrian and his family had tried everything before coming to us at Axiom Learning – including getting help from school and a number of other external providers. Adrian was at risk of dropping out of school because he was failing most of his classes.

At Axiom Learning, our targeted diagnostics allowed us to focus on Adrian’s key issues. With just 80 hours of both Tier 1 and Tier 2 support from our proprietary LEAP program, focusing on underlying sensory-motor issues and cognitive processing issues, Adrian’s reading rate rose to over 180 words per minute (well within normal range) and he was getting all A’s and B’s in his classes.

Today, Adrian is attending one of the top private high schools (with an exceptionally competitive admissions process) in the United States.

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