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Office Contact Info

Phone: (617) 383-5625
Toll Free: (800) 988-5010
Director: Chris Fincher

Office Address

1182 Boylston Street
(next to Century Bank)
Chestnut Hill
Brookline, MA 02467

Office Map

Welcome to Axiom Learning's Chestnut Hill Center

Welcome to Axiom Learning’s Chestnut Hill location, where we look forward to working with your child soon! Our Chestnut Hill center is conveniently located across from the Star Market on Boylston Street, with plenty of parking behind the center. Many of our students come from Chestnut Hill, Newton, Brookline, Jamaica Plain, and Boston. Our educational team in Chestnut Hill is dedicated to creating an environment where your kids will have fun AND be productive by working closely with each family to meet each student’s customized goals. We have an open space plan for children who like to learn in collaborative settings, as well as smaller rooms for children who prefer to learn with no distractions. Here you will find Ivy League graduate faculty working with students on everything from test prep, including prep for the SAT, ACT, ISEE, and SSAT, to academic tutoring, to executive function and unique learners programs. The main services we offer to our families include:

Academic Support

Support and Enrichment in Math, English, Science and More

Are you taking on a tougher course load this year? Do you need help preparing for AP exams or college entrance exams? Axiom’s expert instructors will offer you 1-on-1 support in Math, English, Science, Study Skills & Organization and more to help you excel in school. Give us a call today to learn more about how Axiom LearningTM in Chestnut Hill can make this your best school year yet!

Support for Unique Learners

Transformative Programs for Students with Learning Challenges

Many children with incredible potential are passed over in school because they learn differently. At Axiom, we strive to help students showcase this potential using our customized programs for unique learners. These programs can make a world of difference in a child’s academic performance and self-esteem. Whether your child faces challenges such as ADHD, Executive Function deficits, or dyslexia, our specialized programs will provide educational support to meet your child where they are and help them unlock their true abilities. Ask us about our customized programs designed to help your child realize their full potential.

Standardized Test Prep

Proven Test Prep Support for SAT, ACT, SSAT, and ISEE

Our Chestnut Hill center offers fully customized 1-on-1 test preparation to help you get your dream score! Many of our students have achieved perfect scores, and our average score increase for the SAT is over 100 points per section, while our average ACT score increase is 8 points—over five times the average score increase at other test prep companies. These massive score increases have helped our students get accepted to the best universities in the country, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, and Columbia. Call us now to take our FREE diagnostic assessment, which we will use to create a customized plan that will help your son or daughter achieve their target score.

Learn About Our Process

Our educational team here in Chestnut Hill works together to create the ideal support network for each student. Collectively, these dedicated instructors have spent thousands of hours working on test prep. Each lesson is targeted to help your child gain the most points on the test by addressing the areas where they are weakest, while simultaneously fostering their stronger subjects. Using our highly effective diagnostic tools, our support is optimized for each student to reach their goals as quickly as possible. Our process is as follows:

Comprehensive Assessments

Our customized assessments assess where each student is RIGHT NOW across a wide range of sub-topics. Whether you are getting ready to take the SAT, need targeted support in academic subjects like Math, Science and English or need to understand how your Special Learner can best be supported, our diagnostics point you in the right direction to design the most effective learning plans for your child.

Customized Learning Plans

Our diagnostic tools provide our faculty and education team the data we need to design customized learning plans which efficiently address your child's specific deficits, challenge and extend their strengths and focus on the topics and areas they would most benefit from by not wasting valuable time on areas which won't help your child. We revisit these plans a MINIMUM of every 8 weeks to make sure your child's support is always targeting their specific needs in real time.

1-on-1 Instruction with World Class Faculty

Supported by our education team, our dedicated faculty members will work with your child to develop the processes and frameworks needed to achieve their objectives. Your faculty members are never alone in helping your child succeed - all of our faculty members meet on a weekly basis to discuss EVERY student’s learning plan and check in with our global education support team at least twice every month to ensure they are using the most effective tools we have available.

Regular Reporting

You should always know WHAT we are doing with your child and WHY we are doing it. We have the most robust reporting processes in the industry to ensure you are properly informed. We regularly call all of our parents and provide extensive progress reports every semester which provide a great deal of detail and recommendations for each of our students. We are also always happy to meet with you to explain the progress we are seeing and areas of continued focus moving forward.

Meet Our Faculty

Chris Fincher

Chris Fincher

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Caroline Murphy

Caroline Murphy

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Pim Senanarong

Pim Senanarong

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Megan Collins

Megan Collins

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