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At Axiom LearningTM, academics is our speciality and we work with kids of all ages to help them master and excel in their academic subjects. Some kids needs extra help learning the material from class and others need to be challenged beyond what their school offers. We understand that every child has a unique learning profile and distinct academic and socio-emotional needs and customize our work to each child, so that they excel not only in school but as adults. From textbook to reality, whether for extra support or looking for more challenge, Axiom Learning offers support in any of the following subjects:

Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Spanish, French, Engineering, Computer Programming, Statistics and more!

Our Academic Support and Enrichment

Academic Support

At Axiom Learning, we understand that school can be challenging and our world-class faculty have been trained to offer uniquely targeted support for every level. Our 1-on-1 customized academic support ranges from addressing specific academic needs in a single subject to continuous support throughout the academic year in multiple subjects to ensure consistent internalization of the concepts covered in class and effective development of study and organization skills. Our expert instructional team will give your child the necessary tools and resources to unleash their inner greatness!

Academic Acceleration/Enrichment

Just as students who are struggling deserve individualized support so, too, do accelerated learners. At Axiom, we know that accelerated learners will lose their advantages if their gifts are not challenged. If someone is an advanced learner in Math, Science or English, for instance, they should be given every opportunity to advance in those areas (particularly if they are naturally interested in the material) and develop powerful critical-thinking skills (our specialty!). Whether writing a book, building a scale bridge or working on super-complex mathematics way beyond anything in school, many of our students come to us exactly because they are looking for that extra challenge and deeper critical thinking that they can't get elsewhere.

We Work with All Ages

At Axiom Learning, we work with students ages 5 and up and all grade levels. Whether your child is trying to improve their grades in Math, English or Science or are at the top of their class and just need that little extra push to get into a top college or university or is a young 7-year old struggling to learn how to read - Axiom will design a program to meet your objectives by leveraging their strengths to address their challenges. Our world-class faculty of Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and MIT graduates (among many others) have been specially trained to customize your learning plan and we welcome the opportunity to work with your family as well.

Expert Tutors In Reading Comprehension, Writing and Grammar

Critical English language skills extend beyond English class into just about every other subject, whether it’s History, Literature, Public Speaking and even Math and Science or standardized tests like the SAT and PSAT. Axiom Learning offers some of the best tutors in reading comprehension, writing and/or grammar — whether your child is a young student struggling to learn how to read and write or is trying to hone their critical reading and persuasive writing skills to improve their grade in English class, our faculty is here to help.

Math In School and Beyond

Whether getting ready for an important exam, applying math to science, understanding design or even just managing our finances, math is everywhere and CAN be learned by everyone given the right support and format. Axiom Learning's proprietary teaching methods identify each student's preferred learning style and help them excel in math class while also giving them the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they will need to successfully apply math to their everyday lives. Axiom Learning's uniquely trained tutors bring math to life in the following subjects:

  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Geometry
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Statistics & Probability
  • Trigonometry
  • Arithmetic
  • Elementary School Math
  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
Our Science Tutoring Program Delivers Results

Whether a student is getting ready for his/her AP or SAT Subject Tests in Biology, Chemistry or Physics or just needs help with homework and preparing for exams in school, Axiom Learning's biology, physics and chemistry tutoring is tailored to your needs and objectives. Our faculty can support students all the way from college level physics, chemistry and biology to high school all the way down to elementary school. Axiom Learning provides private tutors in:

  • Biology
  • Calculus
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Earth Science

Comprehensive Assessments

Axiom Learning has the most comprehensive assessment capabilities in the industry. In partnership with education experts from Harvard, Stanford and MIT, Axiom has developed proprietary assessment tools which measure not only your child’s mastery of skills but also offer a holistic roadmap of strengths and differences. In addition to traditional subjects like Math and English, we can also assess aptitudes in Art, Music, Social Skills, Self Confidence and Science.

Customized Learning Plans

Our Axiom assessment results combine with feedback from parents and students to design a fully customized, dynamic learning plan to carry your child down the pathway to realizing their inner greatness. Our learning approach dynamically considers the growth of the student. Using frequent learning benchmarks to measure progress, we continually re-tailor the learning program to dynamically suit the student’s journey of discovery.

1-on-1 Instruction

At Axiom, your child will receive 1-on-1 instruction from faculty graduates of the best universities. They have hundreds of hours of teaching experience and are well versed in the complexities of a student’s learning. Our dedicated faculty members will work with your child to develop the skills, knowledge and frameworks to achieve their objectives. Our faculty members are screened for teaching ability, subject-matter expertise, engaging personalities and, most of all, dedication to their students' success. Never alone in helping your child succeed, all of our faculty members meet on a weekly basis to discuss EVERY student’s learning plan and receive support from our global education support team to ensure they are using the most advanced and effective tools available anywhere.

Regular Reporting

Parents should always know what we are doing with their kids and why we are doing it. We have the most robust reporting processes in the industry to ensure that parents are properly informed. We regularly call all of our parents and offer detailed progress report meetings for each of our students.

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