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  • What if there was a school where you eliminated lectures and actually learned more because of it?
  • What if you eliminated homework and your kids could actually get a chance to play and rest?
  • What if your kids came home from school excited about what they are doing and eager to go back the next day?
  • Where do you go if your child struggles in a traditional school system and wants to learn by doing rather than learn by listening?
  • What if your child wasn't just a number in a school that feels like a factory but was a cherished individual who was part of a community that looked for and knew the best part of him or her?

Axiom West, opening in Seattle in the Fall of 2017, is a project-based learning school focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) which will not have more than 150 students in each school. Axiom West combines the concept of "maker-space" STEAM learning with targeted, hyper-personalized, small-group instruction in English and Mathematics. Axiom West’s curriculum also provides our students with a mini-MBA focused on Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy and computer coding skills as well as crucial life skills that will be needed by the next generation of effective entrepreneurial technologists, scientists and problem-solvers. Students will spend 90% of their time learning by DOING instead of having to suffer through lecture after lecture as in a traditional school.

What Makes Us Different?

Small School Communities - No More Than 150 Students

Axiom West’s middle and upper schools will each be capped at 150 students each. The latest research in Organizational Design as well as numerous experiments into school structure have shown a community limit of 150 members as being optimal for education outcomes. Above 150 students, the needs of the group overwhelm the needs of the student.

Real Project-Based Learning

Sitting in classrooms and listening to lectures only works for 30-40% of students. Project-based learning has the potential to be transformative. Supported by consultants from industry, students will use cutting-edge technology tools to build, code and design their own projects solving real problems faced by real companies.

Hyper-Personalization & Small Group Instruction

Project-based learning is complemented with targeted instruction in math and English in small group instruction. Each student will be assessed and leveled in Math & English with peers in groups of 4 or less. Students will learn more (and faster) while spending less time in classes than in traditional schools.

Executive Functioning & Life-Based Skills

More than academic abilities, Executive Functioning (EF) skills are directly correlated with success in school and as adults. Using our cutting-edge EF curriculum, students will learn self-management skills through project work – including time management, task prioritization, organization, and understanding the impact of their choices today on the opportunities they will have tomorrow.

Longer Days - No Homework

Research shows that too much homework is actually harmful. Students will have longer days (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM), allowing them to do all of their work at school while aligning their schedule with those of working parents and preventing problematic behavior of tweens and teens which most often happens between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM. With longer days, we can get all of our work done at school and prevent problematic choices that many students make after school before their parents come home.

Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy

Every student will go through our mini-MBA curriculum which will give them the crucial skills to be successful entrepreneurs by learning about: Business Design, Negotiation, Management, Marketing, Financial Planning and Strategy. Students will also be taught how money works – making it, saving it, spending it, investing it and donating it. The better they manage their finances, the more security and independence they will be able to enjoy as adults.

Contact Us

Axiom West is now accepting applications to its wait-list for the Fall of 2017. If your son or daughter will be in Grade 6-9 and you are interested in joining our community, please fill out the form below and our staff will reach out to you with more information: